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About SSI

Selective Software Inc. is an established provider of trucking software for the transportation industry.


Selective Software’s 30+ year history provides valuable insight into our deep and robust technological background:

Our Story

Founded in July 1982 by Gary E. Walkowski, this Pittsburgh PA-based company started off by writing custom software applications for businesses in and around the Pittsburgh Tri-State area (Eastern Ohio, Western PA and Northern West Virginia). In the early stages, Selective Software wrote custom computer programs on mini-computers for small-to-medium sized business.

At that time, financial programs were not readily available as they are today. Back then, computers had green screens and were slow to perform. They cost a lot to purchase and to operate. Most companies needed a computer person to run and maintain them. During these earlier years, programs being developed were character-based, slow, and utilized every bit and byte of memory and disk space that the systems had at that time. There were physical limits as to what could be done with systems at that time. As PCs became more prominent, mini-computers began to fade.

As time progressed, Selective Software sold little in the way of mini-computers, and formed new alliances to find every day, necessary core accounting modules that most businesses needed: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory, Order Entry and Purchase Orders on PC networks. During this era, Selective Software decided to become a dealer for a New England-based company called Realworld Corporation located then in Concord, New Hampshire. Realworld had a product line that included basic core accounting modules that most businesses were asking for. Selective Software soon signed on as a Realworld reseller. Realworld was a developer of both character-based and Windows-based business application software in a modular form.

In the late 90s’, Selective Software also became a Great Plains reseller of Dynamics; Great Plains was a company based out of the Fargo ND area. Dynamics, a true window-based program, is more complex, higher priced and not as easy to learn. Realworld was eventually acquired by the Great Plains company in 2000. The following year, in 2001, Microsoft announced the purchase of Great Plains and the acquisition of Dynamics as a product line.

Because our roots go back to the early days of writing software and developing accounting-based solutions from scratch and then later becoming a reseller for these products, we have the depth and knowledge to recommend, sell, install, train and support software for any business today. We provide scalable solutions for today’s market place. We also provide valuable services data for integration, data migration and customization to meet any business need. Our years of experience and our affiliations make us an industry leader today, as in the past.

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  • Wanting to track costs?
  • Overrun by your competitor’s use of better technology utilizing automation for GPS, EDI, Imaging signature capture and other forms of tracing Proof of Delivery?
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