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Our Dealer Network

Selective Software is actively engaged in looking for other Microsoft Dynamics GP dealers that want to affiliate and work with us as a team. If you believe that your company can bring value to both your organization as well as ours, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No annual dealer fees
  • You keep your customers and can leave the program at any time, taking your customers back with you
  • A small 1% fee on all orders placed through Selective Software for any new Dynamics GP orders, additions or renewals
  • Discounts on Dynamics GP based upon the aggregate total sales volumes of all related organizations combined from our existing affiliations within our team.
  • Referrals for work
  • Support from other affiliated companies already on our team

If you believe that your company can benefit from such an affiliation, request more information or a call from one of our management team members by clicking on the link below:

Partner with Us as an Affiliated Dealer


Are you a business looking for a partner?

We are actively engaged in creating relationships with other Microsoft Dynamics GP dealers. Fill out the form and find out more about these mutually beneficial partnerships.

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